Design and Customization

Media ONE gives you complete creative control over your design, with access to the HTML & CSS of every system feature. Upload your own JavaScript, or embed rich Flash content. With Media ONE's range of powerful design and customization options, you can unleash your creativity and build beautiful websites, your way.

Customize with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash... the list goes on!

You can use any front-end technology you like - from HTML5 to Flash to jQuery to CSS3. In many ways, Media ONE is like web hosting - anything you could do in terms of client side customization, you can do here. Plus, our modules and the code the system produces are completely XHTML friendly.

BC & Dreamweaver - Kickin' it since 2004

Love Adobe Dreamweaver? So do we! Use our powerful Dreamweaver Extension to work with BC in the environment you're comfortable with. Customizing templates and editing pages is a breeze. We also support FTP, allowing you to upload your entire site using your favorite FTP client. Download the BC Dreamweaver Extension here.

Stay Consistent With Site Wide Templates

Site-Wide Templates act as a "skin" for your client's content, centralizing common website elements like navigation menus, page headers and search bars. Every time a client adds a new page, blog entry, email campaign or product to their online shop it is simply "skinned" with your custom HTML & CSS, saving you time and keeping the site's look and feel consistent.

Customize Modules To Your Heart's Content

Our powerful layout system allows you to easily customize the look and feel of every module the platform has to offer. You have control over the HTML layouts and CSS for all modules, and you can move, add and remove elements from any layout to make your client's site, shop, blog or forum truly unique.

Media ONE, now!