Flexible, Hosted Content Management

Have complex CMS systems been causing you headaches? Had any plug-in induced fevers lately? Our one-stop approach to content management takes the hassle out of building, managing and hosting the first critical component of an Online Business - the website. Learn more »

Save Time with Templates, Pages, and Modules

Save time, preserve consistency and avoid duplication with templates. Our template system is simple - put the page elements you want to reuse in the template, and wrap your pages in templates. Simple, yet powerful. When you're ready to add extra functionality, you simply layer your modules with a point and click approach.

Creative Freedom

You don't need to learn anything special to design websites on Media ONE. Instead you simply design your HTML, then layer our modules into your design. At its core, Media ONE works like web hosting - in fact if you wanted to design a whole website without using our modules and then FTP it up to our servers - it'd work just fine. And that just means you've got all the creative freedom you need.

SEO & Media ONE - We're More Than Just Friends

Search Engine Optimization is essential for any online business, but good SEO starts with a system that supports good SEO practices. With Media ONE, we've got the right features "baked in" - 301 redirects; SEO friendly URLs in our blogs, shopping cart, modules; customizable meta-tags; integration with Google's webmaster tools... it's all there.

Works With Familiar Tools in Familiar Ways

Media ONE supports FTP to download and upload web pages, images, JavaScript, CSS, Flash and more. Dreamweaver users also get to use our fantastic Dreamweaver extension which plugs right into your workspace and puts the power of Media ONE at your fingertips. Less time learning means more time doing.

Fool Proof Editing for Your Clients

Not that your clients are fools, but let's face it - HTML is not normally your clients' specialty. That's why Media ONE provides a simple and powerful in-context editing tool. Your clients see their website just as their customers do through a web browser, then they click the bits they want to edit. Easy.

Get Social with Blogs, Comments, Forums & RSS

Successful websites are easy to update and easy to engage with. With Media ONE, your client can maintain multiple blogs; collect comments on posts, pages and products (and more); start up a forum and syndicate pretty much anything using RSS.

Content Holders

Sometimes when you design a site, you have some common elements that you want to re-use - but not all the time, so you can't put them in a template. Media ONE's Content Holders take care of this by providing you with a way to centralize those common elements and re-use them on a page-by-page or template-by-template basis.

Secure Zones and Paid Memberships

Sometimes the best things in life aren't always free. In fact, your client's valuable content might only be for members that pay for the privilege to view it! Media ONE's secure zone's modules, coupled with our recurring billing technology and web forms, allow you to build a "pay-wall" to protect your clients content and help them build recurring revenue streams

Media ONE, now!