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Mobile platforms and content consumption

General Smartphone Usage: Smartphones have become an integral part of users’ daily lives. Consumers use smartphones as an extension of their desktop computers and use it as they multi-task and consume other media. ..

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Maximize Your Web Site (Part 1)

Technology podcast
The purpose of these series is to help owners of knowledge based web sites and managers of organizations maximize the impact of their web site.

Believe it or not, but today the internet is still a relatively new technology. It has been only little more than a decade from those early days when America Online and Compuserve chartered the unknown waters of this new medium, opening up countless numbers of opportunities for hundreds of millions of people. ..

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How To: Google Maps Integration

Did you know with our platform you can map web-app items on an embedded Google map inside your web site with just a few clicks?

Follow this guide to understand how you can store address data for Web App items. Your Web-App items will then be displayed as location balloons on an embedded Google Map.

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